Archive for Public deliverables

Deliverable D2.4

This deliverable presents the LIGHTNESS technique to properly manage the traffic generated by data center applications and accommodated by the LIGHTNESS network infrastructure. This technique is based on the understanding of the pros and cons of the different optical technologies (OCS and OPS) that LIGTHNESS provides and their performance impact on applications.

Deliverable D5.2

This deliverable reports the integration between the LIGHTNESS hybrid optical data plane developed in WP3 and based on both Optical Circuit Switching (OCS) and Optical Packet Switching (OPS) technologies with the SDN controller for data centre networks released by WP4. This integration has been achieved through the proper design and development of the OpenFlow‐based southbound interfaces.

Deliverable D4.5

This deliverable presents the consolidated LIGHTNESS network control plane prototype as the final software release of WP4, which collects all the developments carried out in Task 4.4 and Task 4.6.

Deliverable D3.3

This document presents the implementation and experimental evaluation of the hybrid data plane prototypes developed in LIGHTNESS.

Deliverable D5.1

This deliverable presents the system-­‐level integration of the LIGHTNESS data plane solution, interconnecting the different network elements of the optical data centre network (DCN), i.e.Optical Packet Switch (OPS), Optical Circuit Switch (OCS), Top-­‐of-­‐the-­‐Rack switch (ToR), and the programmable NIC developed in WP3.

Deliverable D4.7

This deliverable represents the second LIGHTNESS control plane prototype and refers to the implementation of the SDN-based Data Centre Network (DCN) virtualization mechanisms and procedures.

Deliverable D4.4

This document presents a first version of the LIGHTNESS network control plane prototype, as a result of the preliminary software development activities carried out in WP4.

Deliverable D2.3

One of the main objectives of WP2 is to provide key performance predictions of the proposed intra-DCs network architecture. This was the main focus during this second year in WP2. In order to achieve this it was necessary to build a simulation infrastructure that model the behaviour of the Lightness network. This deliverable describes the main components of this simulation infrastructure.

Deliverable D6.4

This deliverable presents the dissemination, standardization, collaboration, and exploitation activities of the LIGHTNESS during the second year of the project.

Deliverable D4.6

This document describes the extended version of the unified LIGHTNESS network control plane architecture.
The first version of the LIGHTNESS control plane, specified in deliverable D4.1, is mainly focused on the provisioning of on-demand and flexible high bandwidth connectivity services inside the LIGHTNESS hybrid optical data centre fabric.
This document enhances such preliminary control plane architecture; it presents its updated functional split, still based on the Software Defined Networking architecture, and provides a description of new features and procedures in support of Data Centre Network virtualisation. This deliverable also presents some virtualisation algorithms that have been designed for both static and dynamic virtual data centre allocation and provisioning.