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11th FP7 Concertation Meeting

The Future Networks 11th FP7 Concertation Plenary Meeting is dedicated to discussing within the network research community key aspects of Network Technologies standardisation, policy and research priorities for the future.

D2.1 – Selected Applications

Selected Applications
The objective of this deliverable is to define a representative set of applications to be the equivalent of the workload of data centres. The selected set of applications will be used for evaluating the proposed data centre network. This document introduces the selected applications with a brief overview for each of them with an explanation of the selection criteria and the potential performance impact of proposed network architectures.

D1.1 – Project Reference Manual

Project Reference Manual

The objective of this deliverable is to provide a reference manual for the LIGHTNESS project, by identifying the main goals and activities to be carried out. Moreover it aims to provide to the LIGHTNESS partners a common understanding of methods and certain project procedures, to fulfil the contractual obligations with the European Commission.

This report will also guide all beneficiaries in order to reduce project overhead and increase efficiency, providing a common framework for the daily operation of the project. Therefore it is an important document that shall be used as a tool for frequent consultation.

This document defines internal communication guidelines and introduces the collaborative workspaces and tools. Finally, it provides useful information regarding the project reporting process.